Are your hormones in balance?

When was the last time you had a deep restful sleep, and upon waking you bounded out of bed with childlike energy ready to face the day? When you look in the mirror do you feel beautiful and happy to be you? 

Too many of us as young as 30s and 40s feel exhausted, depressed and are gaining weight even though we seem to be eating less and exercising more. It’s not you, it’s your hormones!

What are hormones then, exactly?

Hormones are chemical secretions produced by our glands. It turns out that gland health is a key factor of our actual youthfulness. These glands secrete hormones into the blood which travel to cells and organs. So the hormones are messengers. What they say gets done! Our hormones have their own language and depend on one another. If one hormone is out of balance it affects other hormones.

Each hormone has its own job

They regulate heartbeat and breathing. Hormones build bones, maintain muscle tone and protect your joints. They fight stress, calm anxiety and allow you to feel. Hormones manage sex drive and the menstrual cycle. They influence growth and development, behaviour, the immune system, reproduction, emotion, brain chemicals and how we turn our food into energy. If we suddenly lost all our hormones we would die within 10 minutes! I think it is safe to say that hormone balance is the key to our health and actual level of youthfulness.

How does hormone balance work?

Hormone balance is delicate

We have sixty to ninety trillion cells in our bodies. Our cells are bathing in hormones all the time and the quantity of different hormones changes minute by minute depending on what you eat, if you are pregnant, how much you exercise, if you are menstruating, your age and your environment. Can you imagine the intricate job these hormones have?

When our hormones are in balance we feel fabulous. Out of balance hormones reduce our quality of life and cause dis-ease. Some common causes of hormone imbalance include stress, poor lifestyle choices, ageing, poor nutrition, genetics, pregnancy and toxins.

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Declining hormones accelerate the ageing process. We generally start to feel our hormone decline from about the age of 35. Often we overlook hormones as a cause of our insomnia, weight gain, sagging skin, osteoporosis, low energy, hair loss, migraines and cellulite to name a few.

Hormonal Hair Loss

Luckily there is hope. We can balance our hormones through improving nutrition and lifestyle choices. There are also supplemental solutions available. When we understand how our hormones work it is easier to be hormoniously™ balanced. 

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Which of your hormones would you like to balance?

Sometimes we don’t know which hormones are out of balance, we just know that we don’t feel our best. I’d like to hear if you feel your hormones are balanced or not? Comment below.

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