Programs by Louise Pitot

Programs by Louise Pitot

Online programs are an ideal way to participate in one of my in-person or group programs. I’ve created them with so much love and care to help you live agelessly, through balanced hormones, ageless beauty strategies and a nourished body.

They range from freebies and workshops to 21-day programs and monthly memberships.

21-Day Hormone Reboot

I’d love you to join my 21-Day Hormone Reboot. It’s 21 days of clean eating for hormone and skin health. We also look at additional detox tips to improve your reboot. I’ve included a full meal plan & shopping list (vegan or omnivore) It couldn’t be simpler!

Louise Pitot Hormone Membership

Monthly membership

My 12-month membership takes you on a journey to balance and optimise every aspect of your health. We keep it simple by working on just one aspect each month. By the end of the 12-month series you will have made changes that you can easily sustain for life!

Louise Pitot Face Yoga

Face Yoga Teacher Training

Are you interested in helping people look and feel younger? Or perhaps you would like to prevent plastic surgery by learning all there is to know about face yoga? Whatever your reason, it’s easy and fun to learn face yoga and I’ll help you certify with the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method.

Work with me Workshops classes Retreats

Upcoming Workshops, Classes & Retreats

I run multiple workshops every month. Many are free and some are paid or part of a program. At the moment they are all online due to obvious restrictions. Hopefully, soon we will have in-person workshops and retreats.

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