Women’s Hormone Series


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A journey of a thousand miles

begins with a single step

How would you like to feel in 12 months from now?

Isn’t it nice to know that you can take small, slow steps on your journey to hormone health and each one is going to make a sustainable difference that can last a lifetime?

Transform your relationship to food and your body!
Feel balanced and whole again!
Heal your hormones and learn to prioritise your own needs!

I’ll guide you through the physical, emotional and environmental aspects to #livelifehormoniously


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Here’s an outline of your program, month by month:

  • Month 1: How to eat for hormonal health
  • Month 2: Sugar and your hormone health
  • Month 3: Gut and your hormone health
  • Month 4: Toxins and your hormone health
  • Month 5: Stress and your hormone health
  • Month 6: Thyroid and your hormone health
  • Month 7: Hormone imbalance and your health
  • Month 8: Libido and your hormone health
  • Month 9: Immunity and your hormone health
  • Month 10: Adrenals and your hormone health
  • Month 11: Healthy weight loss and exercise for hormone health
  • Month 12: Self-care and healthy mindset and hormone health

In the Essential Package, you’ll receive these each month:

  • A guide covering the topic of the month
  • Recipes and meal plan ideas
  • Weekly homework checklist to help keep you on track
  • An educational workshop covering the monthly topic
  • Monthly fun challenges and bonuses to help you engaged and on your journey

If you need a little extra support and personalization of the program, I highly recommend my VIP Package.

In the VIP Package, you’ll receive everything as in the Essential Package with the addition of two 30-minute coaching calls per month with me via Zoom.

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