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Brings vibrance and vitality to your body from the inside out

Ormus is also known as white powder gold. Brings vibrant radiance and vitality to your skin and every cell of your body. Mineralise your body and get tremendous benefits from this premium Ormus.

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Brings vibrance and vitality to your body from the inside out


200ml liquid

Key Benefits:

  • Brings vibrance, radiance and vitality to your skin and all cells of the body
  • Boosts cellular communication and energy flow
  • Supports cellular resilience
  • Great for everyone


Pure Ormus liquid

What is Ormus?

A simple question without a simple answer. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of Ormus…most people haven’t!

Ormus can be found everywhere, in air and water, soil, plants and even in our bodies and brains.

Ormus (or ORMES) stands for Orbitally Re-arranged Monoatomic Elements. It is considered by many to be another state of matter.

How do we make TransfOrmus Ormus?… the Wet Method

Technically it is not a complex process. It is known that the seawater contains gold and many other elements that have been washed into the ocean by rivers flowing from the land for millions, if not billions of years. Our Ormus is a chemical transformation of the super salts from ancient oceans… that result in such an effective compound, containing more than 70 essential and many rare minerals, including gold.

Why do we mention gold? This captivating, enduring metal has various extraordinary properties, many of which are shared among the platinum group elements, including gold. The noble metals are prominent in Ormus. The elements are transformed in the process to their “mono-atomic” or M-state. This special non-metallic state is what makes Ormus so potent, safe and fully absorbable by microbes, plants, animals and humans. It is also sometimes referred to as white powder gold.

AuraOrmus effects



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