Hi there! I’m Louise.

I’m a women’s health and wellness coach and I’m all about the journey. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and work with women globally.

I wonder what brought you here? If you’re asking, “What about me?” then you’re the kind of woman I work best with!

What I do

​ I help women to heal their hormones, learn to live fully in their body and restore their relationship to food. I focus on all aspects of keeping the body and mind feeling and looking youthful and energised. Oh, and I believe you can age backwards!

How I got here

My healing journey through hormone imbalance and infertility has helped me transform my most challenging experiences to live a juicy, exquisite and ageless life – a work always in progress…

I’ve always been passionate about the human body and mind. I studied beauty therapy 25 years ago and have been juicing and interested in healthy living for about 20 years.  In my 30’s I healed my body of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and infertility. During this journey I realised the true importance of maintaining balanced hormones, and that a healthy relationship to food and body is more important than perfection.

My certifications

I’m a certified Eating Psychology and Functional Medicine Coach.  

I couple this with my internationally certified training and experience in NLP.

I’m a Face Yoga Super Trainer for the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method and I’m also a Yoga Teacher and Beauty Therapist

How I work

​There are many aspects to what I do, and they are so closely connected. When we work on our hormones our body changes shape, our sleep improves and our outlook on life become more positive. When we work on our relationship to food, all our relationships come to the fore and we have an opportunity to learn and grow. When we work on our skin through strategic ageless beauty strategies and rituals, our mind and body integrate and a more vital approach to life transpires.

​That being said, the best way to move forward quickly is to slow down. Working one on one is where deep work takes place. My programs and masterclasses are also an enjoyable way to learn about hormones, harness your menstrual cycle, embody through movement and breath, find the best Ageless Beauty strategies and learn more about foods that promote health, energy, radiance and an ageless mind.

​We’re all different so you can choose online or face to face appointments, group classes, or online programs. My 12-month Hormone Membership is a great way to take your journey step by step.

With age comes a transition so beautiful, yet we are bombarded with thousands of messages every day about how we should look, act, feel and be. I believe that if more women felt empowered and softened at the same time we could heal ourselves, and the world.

I’ve spent the last 15 years on a deep healing journey of body, mind and spirit (emotions). I’d love to connect with you to learn about your journey and what it is you desire from life. Is it to slow down, to be more present? Perhaps you like me are working on loving yourself more every day, as you are. Or are you looking to find more vitality in your body, your skin and your mood? To balance your hormones for a happier and healthier body and younger brain…

Lastly, in my spare time, I enjoy learning, reading, yoga and walking with my husband and fur baby. Travel is a high priority for me. I absolutely love exploring new places and re-visiting the cities and countries I love.

Take the next step

Contact Me for a complimentary 20-minute online call to discuss your needs and the way forward.

I’ll journey with you to create a rich, juicy life going forward.

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